Preparing for an exhibition - checklist.

Published: 19th February 2011
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If you are due to attend an event, there are a few things that you need to get ready before the event (a kind of checklist).

Very often with events, important things are left out and it is normally around the marketing - which is the main reason for attending the event in the first place.

1/ Make sure you have the right floor space for the event and the best position for your stand

2/ Ensure that you have your pre-show marketing in place

3/ Make sure you have your exhibition stand ready

4/ Make sure your staff are ready for the event with enthusiasm.

5/ Be sure you have your post show marketingin place.

At an event, the largest stand is not always the most profitable; it is the company that has prepared the most and is working the exhibition the most that normally sees the best returns.

There are a few things that make an event successful:

1/ Good pre-show preparation.

2/ Good activity at the actual event

3/ Good follow up activity.

Getting the event prepared and letting your customers/target customers know you are going to be there, will ensure that your stand is seen and is busy with visitors. The number of companies that spend thousands on an event but never told anyone they were attending and act surprised or disappointed is staggering.

Being proactive at an exhibition ensures that you are getting the most from it. Hire a model to walk around and direct people to your stand. Get a competition going on your stand to win a console. Network with other exhibitors.

Follow up after an event is about 50% of the value you will see - as prospects still have the 'buzz' and are still open to hearing from you. You have already opened the door, just because they have left the event does not mean the opportunity has also left - you can still e-mail them or phone them. Remind them of the event and do keep in contact.

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